Why is Paul Bunyan’s Chair Empty?

Grand Regional (Rapids) Voices

One of our earlier posts, http://grandrapidsvoice.com/2013/12/07/dont-kill-the-messenger-2/, was so popular that I am going to expand the scope of the comparison of Grand Rapids and Bemidji.


The pictures here, in a way, are there own comparisons of the two cities. On the one hand, Paul Bunyan’s empty chair in Grand Rapids, on the other hand, the busy lighted skyline of a Bemidji night.
Below is the 2011 fiscal comparison between the two as found on the State Auditor’s website, http://www.osa.state.mn.us/Search/CitySearch.aspx.


In the top section of the chart we find that the total taxes are similar, but only because Bemidji derives revenue from a sales tax. The property tax in Grand Rapids is much higher than Bemidji, being $273.31 more per person. The other significant difference in this section is the fact that Grand Rapids borrowed $1,655,000 while Bemidji borrowed nothing.
Looking at the last section of the comparison chart, we…

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