Your body, the State’s.

National flag and merchant ensign of the Germa...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Government spending
Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

During the Third Reich, the National Socialists viewed the body of an individual as the property of the state. Anyone who harmed their own body was not only costing the state money through healthcare and loss of productivity, but they were weakening the state as a whole. there was little or no thought given to the merits of banning free choice or punishing those who did not follow closely enough government instructions.

Nearly eighty years later, how do we compare to this? We are forced to wear seatbelts because if we don’t the resulting injuries might have to be paid for by others. Guns are targeted because, ostensibly, someone might get hurt, although there is much more to this subject. Large soft drinks and high calorie foods are vilified because heart disease and obesity might have to be paid for out of tax revenues, which takes money out of the government coffers. Are these and a host of other activities which are either threat of being banned or are now banned a sign that the government really cares for us, or are they a sign that the government does not wish to part with its precious tax revenue to help us more than minimally necessary? Is the end result a government, which like the Nazis, will declare us state property, necessary to the functioning of the state, and therefore subject to all sorts of state edicts about how to act, how to eat, how to exercise?

Look at the trends within Germany between 1920 and 1940 and compare them to what has been happening in this country over the last several years, and draw your own conclusions.


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