The Modern Bill of Rights.

1) Violent religions shall be appeased, non-violent religions shall be oppressed.

2) Anyone bearing arms shall be considered a threat to the greater good and treated as such.

3) The use of private property shall be at the discretion of the government.

4) The government shall be allowed to search everywhere for anything, as threats to the greater good must be eliminated at all costs.

5) If a person can not conclusively prove their innocence, they shall be punished to the fuulest possible extent.

6) Trials shall be granted, at the discretion of the prosecutor, to those who can afford them.

7) Juries are recommended if the trial is to be publicized.

8) Judges are the final authority on the level of punishment, and their decision shall not be questioned.

9) No rights shall be recognized or allowed to the people unless listed in this document.

10) States shall be considered representatives of the federal government and shall follow federal guidelines to the letter.



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