Update on the Land Exchange in Itasca County Concerning the Veteran’s Memorial Forest.

Map of Minnesota highlighting Itasca County
Map of Minnesota highlighting Itasca County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Above is the link to my original article describing how the county board voted, in clear opposition to the will of the people, to exchange the land of the Veteran’s Memorial Forest for some less accessible and less desirable land in another part of the county, with the only clear benefit going to the planned recipient of the land in the original forest.

Here is a link to an article in the local paper detailing the current disposition of this situation:


This represents a win in this chapter of the fight of the people against the self-serving desires of some of our elected officials, although the battle is far from over. In this chapter the state government stopped the local government from acting in such clear opposition to the will of the people, although it must be remembered that they did not necessarily do so for the same reasons. Still, it is a victory for us, even though using one branch of government to defeat another branch of government is certainly far from ideal. I’ll take it for now on face value, but look for me to continue to remind everyone frequently that the real resolution to this problem is to remove those representatives who have demonstrated such a willingness to act contrary to the will of their constituents (especially the veterans) from their positions of power quickly and permanently.

To those representatives and their bureaucrats: Don’t think for a single minute that we have stopped watching you! If you wish to retain your positions, you will start seeing to the wishes of your constituents rather than the wishes of yourselves and your cronies. We are your employers, and we are watching.



  1. Brad Dumonceaux | Facebook check out his FB page, See who his FB friends are…Recognize any Itasca County Commisioners?

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