Too Afraid to be Free.

"Crime Scene, Do Not Cross" Tape At ...

Events are one by one occurring which are destroying the authority of the Constitution and eroding liberty for us all. For those of us who have been paying attention this is no surprise.

We all know of the popular scandals in the media, but possibly the worst is the newest development. The Supreme court has now decided that it is constitutional for the government to collect our DNA and enter it into a database when we are arrested. Not convicted, but merely arrested. Not found guilty of a crime by a jury of our peers, but merely accused of an alleged crime by a government agent. I am led to restate this as an attitude by all levels and branches of government that we are now officially guilty until proven innocent. I also put forth that the government views us as something akin to property, to be treated and disposed of as they see fit. This is the culmination of the rise of the elitists fueled by our blind desire to believe what they tell us and trust them to solve our problems rather than taking personal responsibility for our own problems and their solutions.

As a reminder, the government is Constitutionally authorized to take a census for one reason only, the determining of congressional districts.

A federal database constructed from our DNA is a de facto census, even though it is not all inclusive. It is a census of a group of people who have gained the attention of the government, in this case by being accused of a crime.

Some say this would be acceptable if the DNA collection did not occur until after conviction, but in reality this is yet another form of census, just of a smaller group. Also, are we not supposed to be considered as absolved from our crime after we have paid the appropriate penalty? Should not then we be exempted from being a part of a permanent federal database after our penalty is paid? Or once guilty, or in the case of the above court decision, accused, are we to be treated as such for the remainder of our lives? Think this through and you must agree with me that this is wrong.

How did we get here? Fear. Nothing but fear. We were afraid of being harmed by another so we asked the government to protect us instead of standing ready to protect ourselves. Now we can be convicted of a crime by protecting ourselves instead of hoping the government decides to protect us. That’s correct, it is based on their decision to protect us, they are not required to do so.

Then we went even further, we still felt unsafe when those who did harm us were released from prison, so we asked the government to track them, as if that would really stop them from committing another crime. It would be laughable if not so tragic. How often does a government restraining order, for example, actually stop a determined criminal? Almost never. It does not serve to protect the victim, only increase the penalty after the fact. It also makes people who intend no harm into criminals by the appearance of guilt, rather than the actual intent of guilt.

More examples of unconstitutional lists on which we can find ourselves are seemingly innocuous and we might think they would cause us no harm or inconvenience, but look to recent events and they begin to look less harmless.

The IRS is accused of using lists of political affiliation to determine tax status. The government is seeking to obtain a list of all firearms for the supposed purpose of protecting us. Our driving records are on various databases for . . . our protection. Our medical records are now going to be entered into a database for . . . again . . . our protection.

The end result? We are rapidly losing all semblance of our liberty, and perhaps even our chance to regain it, because we have been too damned scared and lazy to look after ourselves instead of asking our big brother to save us from our self inflicted inadequacies.



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