Are We Still Human?

Last night I was following the news on various sites, mostly on Twitter, When I noticed something quite disturbing. While viewing the posts about the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, I saw interspersed among all of the posts conveying well wishes and offers to help a large number of a different kind of posts.

These posts I am referring to generally fell into one of three categories. First, there were the vulture-like spectators who were interested only in finding and sharing the worst of the news, especially if they could get a picture or video. Second were those so filled with hatred that they wished even more harm on those in Oklahoma, and even verbally attacked those trying to help. Also, those who are trying to advance their climate control agenda are already out there attempting to use this for the benefit of their agenda.

Hopefully you have read this far enough to now stop and ask yourself, “What have we become, and where do I stand?”

Watching the coverage last night, I would have liked nothing more than to either have the financial means to help from a distance or to be close enough to go and help in person. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to do either, so I decided to write this instead, not to directly try to improve the physical situation today, but rather to do my small part to improve the attitudes for tomorrow’s disaster.

Our current society is so rife with divisions that it is far too easy for us to embrace hate and animosity towards those with whom we disagree, but surrendering to that desire leads only to the total destruction of the world which we would like to live in, and anyone who, after deep and honest reflection, still believes that death and destruction will bring about a better world is certainly insane.

The spectators are also to be chastised here. These, to me, are even worse. How can a human being pretend to wish others well, yet at the same time sit back and hope for still more bad news and graphic pictures of disaster? This morbidity is truly disgusting to me. I do not believe that very many people even realize the depths to which they have fallen with this preoccupation on viewing others being harmed, but it must stop.

I am unable, myself, to answer the question as to the current status of our humanity, but I do know that unless we end the hatred and bloodlust, we are going to find ourselves living in a world which none of us desire, and find ourselves there sooner than we might anticipate.

The time is now for all of us who can to stand and help one another in whatever way we can. 

With malice toward none.


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