Is It Time For A New Gandhi?

This has been in my thoughts for some time now. There is a lot of talk about replacing our elected officials, but in order for a person to successfully run for office, they have to be wealthy and have wealthy supporters. Few people will be able to do anything but admit that this solution will likely bring us more of the same.

To further magnify the problem, our elected officials really do not any longer actually run the government. They have engaged in a process over many years of gradually delegating more and more power to the entrenched bureaucracy, to the point that now that is where the real power of government resides. while this was happening, we were asleep, trusting that those we elected would act in our best interest instead of in their own.

You can blame who you will for this, but the responsibility falls squarely on us. For the sake of convenience we have let the only country on the face of the earth which was established with the idea of the people holding the power be co-opted by a group of career politicians and bureaucrats who told us what we wanted to hear, then did what they wanted.

Recently in Detroit the situation became so bad that many of the residents essentially began ignoring the local government. The city could no longer afford to provide the promised services, yet continued to demand more from the people. Many of the people there began to act as if the city government did not even exist. The result was that the city became so ineffective that the state had to send in managers to attempt to resolve the problem. Only time will provide us with an answer with whether this will solve the problems there or make them even worse.

This has happened in other places in varying degrees, and now we must ask the question of ourselves, “Is non-compliance the best option?”

Mohandas K. Gandhi
Mohandas K. Gandhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has become my belief that if we continue on the path we are on for much longer, the government will grow both in size and power to the point that its very scale and willingness to oppress and restrict will incite widespread resistance on a scale and in a form which will be detrimental to us all.

There may well be other options, but we must now be willing to consider whether the time has come to just ignore to the best of our abilities the unconstitutional and oppressive laws and regulations with which we have been afflicted.

Even if you disagree with my premise, I ask all who read this to consider this option, because we must all agree at some point that things must change, and we must find the best possible option before time takes the choices out of our hands. This must be discussed. We can not responsibly put it off much longer.


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