FEMA Camps and Propaganda.

     What I intend to do today may at first sound like a statement about FEMA camps, but it is not really that. I am just going to use the FEMA camp story as an example of how mis-information is sometimes used as a tool of propaganda. The statements i will make about the alleged FEMA camps are mostly, at this point, my personal opinion, but I do believe that there is some validity here which I also believe will be shown later by history to be true. My focus today, though, will be to demonstrate how mis-information can be used to hide or distract from a story which someone does not want to come to light.
     Let us suppose, in this example, that there is one real “FEMA camp” which has been demonstrated irrefutably to exist. That, in and of itself, would be a huge story. Now suppose that the evidence can not be hidden by those who do not want it known. This evidence will certainly become public, so what is their safest course to protect themselves? Add false evidence to the mix, or even better, allow someone else to whom they are not connected, add false evidence. In either case, allow the story to become 800 camps, most of which can be proven to be something altogether different, and not FEMA camps at all. Next, allow, or encourage, people to repeat this enlarged story without properly verifying it, which is relatively easy to do if you can cause them to emotionally overreact, and cause the story of the one to be completely replaced with the new story of the 800. Then introduce into our scenario the inevitable detractors, who do not or will not believe the story, and begin to try to discredit it. They will immediately begin to spot the false information which has been added, and based on the amount of these false claims, decide that the entire story is false and  not only dispute the validity of the story, but proclaim loudly and clearly that those who sought to spread the story are “conspiracy theorists.” What will result is pretty much what we see now in so many areas; we have a large number of people who are expending their energies defending an indefensible position which they took prematurely.
     The above is just a speculative example of how the introduction of a large quantity of false information can be used to cover up the real truth. For the record, I personally believe, but can not prove, that there are quite likely camps such as this in existence, but in much smaller numbers than the 800 that have been reported. This is also a story which must continue to be looked at, because the existence of only one of these camps should be of grave concern to us all.



  1. Excellent analogy Mike. I hate when I feel my emotions get spiked only to find, upon investigation, embellishments and parroting of false facts. It tends to delegitimize or decensitize the facts of the matter as in the boy who cried, "Wolf".

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