Is History Repeating itself?

     Back in the 16th century, Europeans “discovered” North America. They soon realized that it was a large territory full of resources which they could use to further their power, wealth, and authority. Unfortunately for them, it was already populated by the Native Americans. They at first tried to civilize these “heathens” with religion and goods, and this worked in some areas. Their next step was to conquer them by force, then enslave them both directly and by removing them to unproductive areas with the promise that if they complied, they would be taken care of. In the cases where neither of these solutions worked, they resorted to genocide. All that is left now is a small remnant of the once numerous Indian Nations.
     Starting in the 19th century, European idealists and their allies in North America saw the same place as an extremely desireable place to spread their central government systems, but this time for two reasons. The first was the same, the quest for power, wealth, and authority. The second made their goal more urgent. The citizens of the United States were among the freest in the world, and the Constitution at that time sufficiently restrained the government to hopefully keep it that way, and improve their situation even more. Since the United States had demonstrated that it could not easily be defeated by force of arms, the whole system had to be subverted to remove it as an example of a government that worked without full central control. This was the birth of the Progressive Era. For over a hundred years those who believe in a strong central authoritarian government have been trying to “educate” us in its benefits, then they, as they gained power, began to slowly remove our liberties a little at a time “for the good of us all” so as to gradually enslave us. The next step was to begin to give us “stuff” so we would be adequately taken care of. Starting to feel like the reservation yet? It gets better. When eventually enough people learned to depend on them that they felt ensured of remaining in power, They began to take “stuff” away from us and to curtail our private activities, again for our own good. They seek to make themselves look like heros, don’t they? My question in all of this is, “When will we become so dependant, and our liberties so scarce, that they begin the final phase of genocide to get us out of their way, or have they already started it?”
     You can disagree with me on their endgame if you like, but the parallels are uncanny

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